The sun is out and we are making the most of the glorious sunshine!

As many of the activities will be outside please could children have suncream, hats and water bottles. If you would like us to apply suncream on your child please let us know.

The children have requested lots of different activities this week to make the most of the sunshine. The most popular requested being the trim trail. Children enjoy using the equipment to practice balance and agility. It also provides some shade with the trees.

During After School Club at Bowerham, we section the playground into different zones for all the different activities that children have requested. We have the active/run zone, the quiet zone, role play zone, small world or art zone and snack zone.

This week children have also asked for sand and water trays, dinosaurs, dressing up clothes and basketball so we will be busy having lots of fun!

So that children can have a choice of either to be inside or outside there will always be a member of staff inside to support children and so that everyone is kept safe. Our inside activities this week will be craft and construction.