Inset Days at Bowerham Kids Club

At Kids Club we currently open on Inset days and for 4 weeks in the summer. As the Club continues to grow and with more and more parents requiring childcare during the holidays we are looking at how we can support parents by extending our current childcare provision.

Please find a list of the Inset and half term dates below for Bowerham Primary and Nursery School 2018-19 when we will be open and providing childcare for Bowerham children and children from other schools.

We are open for the following dates in Half Term (October 2018):

  • Monday 22nd October
  • Tuesday 23rd October
  • Wednesday 24th October

We are open for the following staff training days (Inset Days, Bowerham School 2018-19)

  • Friday 7th December 2018

We are open during February Half Term 2019 on the following days:

  • Monday 18th February
  • Tuesday 19th February
  • Wednesday 20th February

We are open for the following dates during the Easter Holidays in 2019:

  • Monday 8th April
  • Tuesday 9th April
  • Wednesday 10th April
  • Thursday 11th April
  • Friday 12th April

We are open on the following inset days in May 2019:

  • Thursday 23rd May
  • Friday 24th May
  • Monday 3th June

We will be open for four weeks during the summer holidays in 2019 as follows:

  • The week commencing Monday 22nd July
  • The week commencing Monday 29th July
  • The week commencing Monday 5th August
  • The week commencing Monday 12th August

To book a place on any of these days please contact Suzannah.