Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register/book for sessions? Registration and booking forms can be found on the Kids Club website or a paper copy can be given on request. In most cases sessions are booked for the whole year. If a more flexible arrangement is needed please speak to the Manager, Suzannah Keeves.

Who can attend Kids Club? The breakfast and after school club sessions are open to all children aged 3-11 that attend Bowerham Nursery & Primary School. The Holiday provision is open to all 3-12 yr olds from across Lancaster on completion of registration and booking forms.

What do I do if my child is off sick/going to be late to Kids Club? Please ring or send a text to Suzannah on 07530367915 or Sam on 07805867741 if your child is off sick or is attending a club within school. If they are attending a club within school we will collect them from that club. We would also ask that you notify us if you are going to be late collecting your child from Kids Club or if someone different will be collecting them. This is in line with our safeguarding policy and helps us keep children safe.

How do I pay for sessions? We offer a variety of payment methods and schedules. Payment can be made via, childcare vouchers, online, cash or cheque. Parents can choose to pay monthly or ½ termly.

What type of activities will my child have access to? The type of activities that we have on offer depends on the age of the children and their interests. We offer a wide range of supervised activities both inside and outside. We involve children in planning activities with some being adult led whilst others are child led activities. All children aged 3-5 will have a named key person to assist them and to ensure that they have access to a range of activities and resources that supports their learning and development. Most importantly we want all children to be happy and feel safe during their time at the Club. We value input from children and parents so if there is anything you think we should know please tell us.

How does my child get to Kids Club? All children are collected from their classrooms (by key stage) and then are escorted to the Club and registered with us. Parents/Carer need to sign the register when they collect their child/children.

How do I contact Kids Club? If it is urgent please text or ring Suzannah or Sam and leave a message. We will contact you as soon as we can. If it is a general enquiry you can email the Club on

How do I know what’s happening at Kid Club? Kids Club has a Facebook page called Bowerham Kids Club and the Website, – you can find out what’s going on by reading our blog pages.